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Green Zone Agro is a supplier of all types of Raisins also known as Kishmish, Kismis, Dry Grape, kali drakh or Bedana. Company has it's own processing plant & cold storage at Pimpalgaon (Baswant) near Nashik, Maharashtra. 'Baswant Raisins' has become a very popular brand within short span of time. Baswant Jumbo Black Seedless Raisins has become a very popular among all our customers. These Jumbo Black Raisin are naturally sun dried, bigger in size, unique taste and nutritious. These Black Raisins are liked by children, youngsters & senior citizen equally. Being manufacturer/ exporter/ wholesale/ suppliers/ traders of Indian Raisin/ Black Raisins/ Munakka/ Manuke, we supply the best quality and all types of raisins. Kishmish price in Nashik is seasonal and contact us for latest market rate. Our products include Jumbo Black Raisins, Indian Green/ Yellow Raisins/ Long Sonaka/ Flame Seedless Raisins/ Crimson seedless Raisins/ Afghan Seeded & Seedless/ Shiraz Red Wine seeded Raisins. Contact us for your requirement of Raisins.

Black Raisins Benefits : Important Things to Know
When we consider nutritional and healthy food, black raisins may be considered as one of the invaluable treat or gift by nature. Black raisins are loaded with vitamins, minerals & fibers. Black raisins are known by different names in different languages. e.g. in Hindi - Kali Kishmish/ kismis in Gujrati - Suki Drakh in Marathi - kalya manuka in tamil - Kaintha Thratchai in Telugu - Nalla Draksha Black raisins can be distinctively divided into two types viz. seedless and seeded. The seedless black raisins are also known as Kishmish/ Kismis/ Dry Grapes. The seeded raisins are known as 'Manuka' or Munakka. The black raisins are made by naturally sun drying the black grapes. In India, the black grapes are grown mainly in Nashik region of Maharashtra only. Nashik is known as the 'Grapes Capital' and also the 'Wine Capital' of India.

Jumbo Black Raisins : Introduction and Benefits
The main variety of Black Grapes is Jumbo Black Grapes; the name indicates not only the size of the grapes but also the variety of the grapes i.e. Jumbo Black Grapes. Nashik's climate is the best suited for these black grapes. Also other black varieties like Nanasaheb Purple and Sharad Seedless Grapes are also used to make black raisins. What truly distinguishes Jumbo black Raisins from other raisins is its bigger size, bold color, unique sweet flavor and taste.

Manufacturing Process
Jumbo black raisins are made by naturally sun drying 'Residue Free' Jumbo black grapes. The fully grown grapes with sweetness around 20 - 24 brix are selected for drying process. The sun drying continues till the water content remain around 15%. The grape stems are removed from the raisins. The raisins are thoroughly cleaned twice with fresh water to remove any dust particles. The excess water is removed with the help of centrifugal dryers. Then these cleaned black raisins are again sun dried to remove excess moisture. These cleaned raisins are then sorted and vacuum packed to make ready for consumers.

Jumbo Black Raisins Benefits

  • Black raisins are good source of instant Energy. It's useful for curing weakness. It's an ideal snack for athletes, trekkers and young people.

  • Black raisin are fat free and cholesterol free hence good for heart health.

  • It contain good amount of potassium and iron. Hence it's ideal for curing anemia.

  • Black raisins are a great source of antioxidants which remove free radicals from blood.

  • Black raisins are full of nutrition and rich in fiber which are helpful for digestion process and prevents constipation.

  • Black raisins contain sugars in natural forms. Eating black raisins in moderate amount will fulfill your calorie intake and help in your 'weight loss' target.

  • Black raisins are full of nutrition, vitamin B and C. It strengthens your immunity.

Benefits of eating Black Raisins soaked in water
People generally ask how much black raisins to eat per day. You may pick a handful of black raisins from a pack and eat it right away. You can also keep raisins to be soaked in water overnight and then eat it in the morning. You may add these sweet delicacies in your sweet dishes, cakes etc.

How to eat Black Raisins
Black Raisins are an excellent addition to your diet for promoting good liver health as it stimulates particular biochemical processes in the liver that helps to detox your bloodstream more effectively. So many Ayurveda doctors regularly prescribe that you eat black raisins in the morning to take better care of your heart, eliminate bad cholesterol, lower your triglyceride levels and prevent constipation or an upset stomach. Black raisins are a natural source of vitamins and minerals but those benefits are increased tremendously if you consume the water they're soaked in this because the sugar content is reduced and you're still obtaining an excellent medicinal remedy for the liver. Black raisins are number one natural source of antioxidants. They are just dried grapes which is a natural product that is rich in bioflavonoids that help shield you from free radicals and strengthen your defenses against disease. Raisins and raisin water have been traditionally used to prevent the occurrence of various heart and liver diseases. The raisins water helps to detox the body. The liver and the kidneys are essential organs that cleanse your blood by expelling the poisons and substantial metals that gather in the body. Take a handful or 100 to 150 grams of black raisins. First wash and clean them thoroughly using clean water. Then take 2 cups of water and put the raisins in the water overnight. Then in the morning, drink this raisins water and eat the soaked raisins.

How to store Black raisins
Generally black raisins have a shelf life of 6 months from the date of packing. These are natural delicacies and without any additives. Hence keep these raisins in cool and dry places. It's recommended to keep these black raisins in refrigerator.

It's recommended that you should start eating Black Raisins daily/ everyday. Health has become of prime importance. What we eat has direct correlation with our health. Hence it's advisable to eat a handful of black raisins daily instead of eating junk foods. So get your pack of Jumbo black raisins...

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